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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

Last level was very difficult. Even with all the best weapons/etc I couldn't find a configuration that would survive. Then I figured out a strategy that made it simple: put all your shields/fuel/upgrades on one side and all of your weapons/collectors on the other, then fly to the appropriate side of the screen. This not only concentrates your firepower, but also makes most of the enemies simply leave you alone. The ship is ugly, but it makes the level child's play...

really good game,the only problem is the price of the things,when u play through the galaxie it gets to low the money that u get :D

This is a great game and concept but being able to drive the ship more than slowly left and right, as well as to have a non-rectangle but still large ship would be nice. Possibly the build screen could have the ship enlarged, to make building easy and the actual game play ship would be smaller so as to allow the ship more room to manuver.

i want to help you improve your galaxy siege game by giving you ideas and telling you what i thought about it!
pros- it doesn't punish you for losing, its very forgiving and you can try as many times as you want, with no punishments.
-it lets you CUSTOM BUILD your own ship!
-not made by EA! (or ubisoft, OR activision) its made by a person, FOR THE PEOPLE! cool yea?
cons-it ends too fast
-the enemies shouldn't fire the same things back at you (how about ALIEN Lasers, or ghost weapons, not the same red laser)
-very little ship control (it would be nice if after building the ship, the game zooms OUT and your ship looks bigger to you, but doesn't take up half of the screen.)
-multi-missle-laser weapons don't pick separate enemies, so all the attack is fired at 2 or 3 enemies and the weapons have to re-charge all over again. if they all picked separate targets like the cargo drones, *beep, this piece is already designated by other drone* but applied to weapons, they would be more efficient.
ideas- ship structure. i think it would be amazing to be able to pick the "outside skin" of the ship or what it would look like from outside. i love the modular design but it would really cut back on the lag if those things were considered INSIDE the ship, like an engine looks.
-MULTIPLE SHIP LEVELS, think about a building with elevators, you can go up and down. i would add an entire layer of shields, regeneration modules, defense etc. then another layer of ALL cargo related stuff and scavenging bots.
the next layer would be ALL weapons.
this idea + the ship skin idea would cut down on lag ALOT, while also allowing a massive boost in creativity, MORE PARTS per ship, and an overall more in depth experience.
SHIP CONTROL IDEA: assuming you took the skin + layers idea into consideration, (the skin being a layer of cool outer hull that warps over the precise shape of your ship and hides all the modules thus eliminating their actual solid parts from the fighting part of the game) i would like ENGINE UPGRADES. (as buyable stuff)
so then you build your multilayer ship the size of titanic, OH NOES LAG! well no problem! *select skin* (LAUNCH!)
the ship leaves the hangar and momentarily loads into a small calm before the storm area, the camera zooms out until the ship appears smaller on the screen (but still really cool and big enough, and still really well detailed) and you can still use the mouse and arrow keys etc. to fly around the game! this would allow the ship to have a much larger playing field to fly around on, and you could also make the game screen BIGGER. (if you want)
another idea i have is that the enemies are built the same way as your ship! instead of having the same old boring enemies that all are made of one single piece, the are instead all ships with modules with hulls flying around. the enemies would load with randomized module data inside them, and blowing them up might give you one of them (like the pick up item)
again i must emphasize, by having the hull skin on the ship, you could essentially have the game not load the interior modules to begin with and have the ship just behave as if it does. = eliminate lag = bigger better game = more freedom and fun.
another idea: MODULAR DAMAGE. you could have a little ship menu in a corner while in the ships combat that shows a really small representation of your big ship but much less detailed. the ship would look green and when different parts get hit they would turn yellow, orange, red etc. until they break and your ship appears to gain some really cool looking damage across its hull relating to where it got damaged.
NOW, instead of those little pesky wrenches repairing the ships energy (life bar) they could repair a certain percentage% of the module damage on the ship. (any smart player already has the regen modules on board) so the wrenches are useless 90% of the time anyway, so just make them fix the ships modules.
different modes: i would love to have an exploration mode, did you ever see the game FTL? faster than light?
you basically fly around from galaxy to galaxy.... JUST LIKE THIS GAME, except you can keep on going for much further, but my point is, besides the similarities, is ummmmmmmmm
that- THAT is a completely different game and you should totally play it because its fun.
how about asteroid harvesting? that would be fun. MULTIPLAYER MODE would be WOWWOWOWOWOWOWO
improve the controls! wsad and arrow keys and mouse are COOL, but make the ship move better!
something that really made me feel like the game was really cool was how when the ship runs out of gas, it starts to float around really realistically, THAT WAS SO COOL.

i noticed "SPEED: 1" near capacity and fuel.

is this the remnants of a speed upgrade engine thing that was never implemented?

a very good game with a nice new game idea ;D