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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

First off: This Game "Mechanic" is not new but you bring it to a good level. The Graphics are descent and the Sound is okay.

While you have many things to upgrade your ship and various potential tactics to end this game there is a pretty good difficulty moving through the galaxy.

So i rate this game with 4/5 Stars make it a must see for everyone who likes easy tactics with a decent long gameplay (~2 hrs fun in here!)

Fantastic game, lots of planning involved on what components are best. To nitpick a little, I feel like a good opportunity for a narrative about greed and genocide would've fit in well with the conquering of a galaxy. Also, your ship does fly like, and look like a brick, I understand this was probably done to ship building smooth and easy. I would've also appreciated being able to control what my weapons fired at. Aside, from that a little bit more variation in enemies and this game could easily be my favorite flash game of this year.

The game is far too easy, and every ship ends up being just a giant rectangle by the end.

Great game! Love so much. Only one thing you need to change is to enable bridge moving.

believe in god? congratulations, you're an idiot!