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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

Quite good although a little too easy, the ship being a massive brick was funny but bearable

Did i think that the astroports expander is very limited? thought i like this game, i really think how the ship can survive the attacks of the incoming ship, i hope the next version has a editor for the parts so anyone can create their own ship parts.

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm when the author rewards you with, "Congratulations, you have built the largest ship in the universe."

At first it seems like a very cool game, but it gets old way to fast. There's basically little variety in ship design, as it has no advantages to build a small and fast ship. The beginning and midgame can be quite difficult, but the last few galaxies are way too easy.

A little more of everything would make this game superb :)

I like it, mainly cause it's a harvesting game, although not diverse. Small and simple.
Also like fighting baddies and upgrades.

The 'left and right' and 'front' astroports are vice versa. (They expand the opposite of the description)
Don't know how that was missed... lol