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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

I enjoyed it. Here's my advice for the last level, move all your shooting power to the right side of your ship. Then when you start the mission, move your ship to the left side completly. This way you'll encounter haft the ennemies.

Nice lil game

When a bullet's target dies, the bullets disappear. This makes the game ridiculously hard in later levels where there are dozens of enemies at a time and all of my guns want to target the same thing.

I've managed to make it to the boss of the last zone, but I'm convinced it's impossible to beat without an incredible streak of luck.

Really, the main no-sell for me is the fact that ore is so much less common than stars, and you need more of it to buy anything.

Good job!
make me feel incredibly relaxing, but not bored at all...
did'nt like that much of that art... but its ok
at first look, i thougth this game going to be easy and boring, but now I think its a blend of strategy and tranquility
(sorry for the bad english btw T.T)