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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

nicely done

Very nice game. I'm extremely disappointed in the final boss. All this hype from the reviews and my brother and I beat it without meaning too. I agree that the stars a too much. You should either make it cost more stars for items or decrease the stars because they just take up space in the cargo bays. Overall this game was fun. Challenging and kept us on our toes. We had to switch galaxies a lot to get the ores for upgrades but with perservirence and determination we beat it in about 3 hours.

This is a pretty neat idea, being able to build the ship yourself through the use of modules. The interface is simple, the gameplay simple, and there's plenty of upgrades along the path to capturing the galaxy? Would probably be even more interesting with an ultimate plan; storyline, but as far as gameplay goes I have no complaints. Keep it going!


The design, style, and audio to this game are nice, but there are quite a few things that bug me and I believe could be easily improved upon.

1) Honestly, why do stars even exist? I never once had not enough stars and eventually just blocked them out of my vision entirely, only looking at the ore cost of an item.
2) Do the gears do anything other than take up cargo space? The game never seems to provide this information.
3) And speaking of cargo space, once full they no longer pick up repair and fuel items, even though those don't take up cargo space, causing me to just restart once my bays were full with new material from that level.
4) The stat speed of "1" is a bit worthless when ship speed can't be modified.

And although it could probably be irritating to some, I found the "shoot the closest target" AI rather interesting. It made ship design a challenge. I also like how the game itself was a challenge and required constant restarts, instead of just breezing on through.

Overall, good work, I enjoyed it. I played it to the end, so that's telling you something :)

the ship looked like crap, ore was rare and needed modules were expensive and beyond my price range.
also, flying that ship was like flying a brick that had engines and weapons systems. a friggin. flying. brick.
all it had was some small glimmer of potential.
and that is all.