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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

I find it good but not perfect:

The good stuff:
-The ship upgrading system is really fun
-Solid graphics, audio, style, etc...

The flawed stuff:
-Everything seems to pre-scripted: you can only buy what the shop has, rather than having the full unlimited freedom of buying what you want with your money for more customization of your ship
-Near the end you have more money than you can spend, there is something missing, the "awesome but super expensive thing that you really want to save up for"
-The flying and shooting has too little interaction, the arrows are only useful in the very first galaxies

Awesome game, love that you can set up the ship yourself but here are some cons that i didn`t like
-WAAAAY much stars, no use for them really. Maybe add that you can sell stars. 10Stars =5ore
-Speed lvl, no use since you can`t upgrade or add speed.
-Turret AI, only attacks the nearest. Maybe add different AI. Attack weakest ect
-Gears, should add an tooltip what it does.

Allthough, i finished the game. Think its great. If you make an sequal so maybe add an storyline, more upgrades ect. Keep up the good work mate:)

last lvl over kill

mnice and relaxing :D

Great gameplay and balanced too. Finished it in a couple of hours. Nice work dude:)