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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

Aftr like an hour i finally beat the last level. What i did was put all of my shields and 5 satellites on my left side, (Above and left of the cockpit) then put all the missle shooters and 4 harvesters on the right. Stuck tightly to the left (Half the ship goes offscreen) and finally made it. This game is good but one question author: Why is there a speed option when you go to the market? My speed didnt change from 1 at all,

While the randomization factor is pretty cool, and the upgrading and presentation are excellent, the game, especially at the end, seems like it needs some polish. First off, stars need to be changed to be less frequent, because I was getting too many stars when I needed raw materials. Second, it would be nice if the collectors could be programmed to go fetch specific items. Many an attempt failed because my harvesters went after resources I didn't need instead of repairs and fuel that I did. Furthermore, the enemy AI has a nasty tendency to bunch up at the bottom of the screen right behind your ship, and in the later levels, this becomes the bane of your existence. Finally, the LV3 upgrades come a bit too early, and when you reach the final galaxy, there are no LV4 upgrades that cost the ridiculous amount of resources you will be gaining in the final galaxy. Overall, the endgame needs some work, as it is quite difficult in its current state.

Wonderful game. My only question is what do the gears do?

Pretty good. But I guess you could have storyline or something that more than " a ship fly, beat alien, conquer and repeat"

Everytime I try to install a Medium fuel tank in a good position on my ship, the game crashes and this message appears:
Error #2015Null

WTF? Fix it please!