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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

I think that the difficulty is a bit too easy. The only thing keeping me from beating the last level in one go, is my fuel capacity. I would suggest adding more parts, and please add a resource converter. I have nearly 300 stars, and there were many times when I wish I could have turned my stars into asteroids. Lastly, I have a question. What are the gears? Is it just a filler for when you mine out the galaxy?

i like the game. i like how it gives you the illusion of being able to customize your ship while it makes no big difference. after your ship is big enough you dont even have to move. its fun anyway so i guess its ok

I enjoy being able to design my ship as I please. But this is a game that requires you to grind to earn money for parts, and at the same time punishes you for grinding- the levels are short, and parts are expensive considering the number of asteroids you can get between bosses.

Have to agree with the guy below or next page. Last level is overkill, because you go from easy to a little resistance to hard. The difficulty curve is a little weird on the last level. But the game mechanics are cool, I like the game a lot and the upgrade system is clear and easy to understand. Give a little more backstory and boss fights and maybe more weapon arsenal like lasers and photon cannons and such, and you have an awesome game. Good job overall, can't complain.

Beautiful Game, love it. Keep up the good work! Also you should make a second, the music was great... I liked collecting materials and customizing my space ship.