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Reviews for "Galaxy Siege"

Very good game, I've played it for many years, and I liked the concept of building your own ship. That's what made me like this game so much. I will play this for many years on.

Last level was a sudden switch from "buy all you can afford" to "put the way-too-few items in exactly the right spot"

This isn't a good platform for a puzzle game.

Fight the final level with 16 tri cannons, 9 damage amps, 3 regens, 12 shields, and some other misc stuff. The idea is just to make it to the boss, once there, he's easy. Don't skip any of the galaxy resources along the way, this will be your downfall otherwise.

Great game even if it is a grind. 4.5/5

please make the last section of the last galaxy easier!

Out of universe..... o_O