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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

I love the concept. Music is fun but maybe having more than one soundtrack would break up the monotony. I wish there was a way to earn more coins because unless you spend time collecting coins, and not killing slime before the 7th level there is no way to save up enough coins to buy upgrades. I found the levels before the 7th fairly easy however the 7th level is very hard unless you have a gasmask. Maybe when going back to the main menu you could replay other levels to get a coins or something.

P.S. I couldn't complete level 7 because I didn't have enough coins to get the mask.

Schulles responds:

Thanks! :)

the game is cool...but its too difficult the music is cool too : )

The game is great and really hard, but HOLY SHIT, THE FUCKING GATES.

I do like that you put stuff in from Mario and space invaders, the controls were tight the art and animation was smooth, I encountered no bugs. Although I did find it getting quite hard towards the end, also those fire balls at the last few waves of the Mario sections are a pain, I remember there were no where near as much of them and no where near as fast, also there were a set amount of fire balls which you could destroy.
I guess you are trying to vary it from the original and good job for that.
You are a talented game designer, keep up the excellent work!

Anyone else notice that the intro 8-bit music was "calm like a bomb" by RATM? great music choice.

Schulles responds:

I am so glad someone noticed! Great man! Simply great! :) You deserve an extra medal! ;)