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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"


Great game! The only downside I could find is that the text that says [m]ain menu blocks the text box, so sometimes I had trouble reading what the guy said, as well as any new instructions he gives me. Can you please get rid of it, or at least make it fade on its own after a set amount of time?

That running bit. I liked it, but those floor spikes are way too goddamned picky about success conditions. They can catch you while you're on the way up from the floor, you can't buffer jumps so even if you hit it a tiny bit early you're screwed, and they're placed farther apart than I would expect given the rhythm of the jump function. They killed me a lot, and very few times did it feel fair.

Everything else was pretty decent! Last level of Space Invaders was a bit of a jerk, considering it was time-based instead of number-of-enemies-based like the original, but it's just hard and not quasi-impossible.

I also had a problem with the first section; you spawn a lot of coins on the first couple floors early on, and so you feel like coins won't be a problem. I saved up for the Financial Advisor first, but then the coins spawned out of my only-have-one-jump range and then stayed there, refusing to expire, giving me no chances to buy anything else. So I JUST had the Financial Advisor for my first playthrough. Not really what I expect you designed for.

I enjoyed the game, despite these itchy bits. I hope you'll address 'em, though.

I had to give it to you, a pretty fun and interesting game you have there. But the inability to press mutliple buttons at once (or the limitation of it) pretty much ruins the gameplay. A skill based game should run smoother than most of the others out there.

Wow, that is something else. Was enjoying the first jumpy platform section until level 10, and was mildy annoyed by the Space Invaders until I realised what was going on. Then the third section was hugely frustrating but with just enough checkpoints to see me through to the end. Strange and wonderful.