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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

Eh not much a game...pretty much the most basic of games, all compressed into 1 small level. Except it was ridiculously hard, the hitbox for slimes is way too small, and considering how much room you have, and how fast you fall, it's rather hard to kill them. Then when you respawn, you respawn at the bottom, losing your chance to flip spike slimes. Since you have to be under the slime to flip it, but over to kill it, it's rather annoying, it doesn't help that they get back up so fast (and that there so many at a time, and the number of platforms/chances you have...the list goes on), and does blue mean they're faster or something? Sometimes, I'm lucky and flip one at the edge, but because your jump is bare minimum, trying to get the platform means instakill. Boring game, boring/bad art (even for pixel art), bad concept, lots of problems.

Just what we need ANOTHER poor ripoff of a game.

There's nothing much to say about this one. The concept is that of Mario Bros., which is as simple as simple could be.

Another issue I have; useless control scheme. Pressing 'X' to move text, you could have easily made it the jump button, but I think that would have blown your primitive mind.

The only other thing you could improve on; story. My. God. What kind of story is that?
"Oh, slimes are attacking a millionaire, and I have nobody to defend me!"
What rich guy has no bodyguards?

All in all, poor game design, poor presentation,; poor game.

Doesn't seem like there is any way to get past naming your rival. If there is a way to get past that you need to make it clearer to the viewer.

Schulles responds:

I am sorry. It was a bug. It's fixed now! :)

horrible. its the same thing as mario... why not just make it with mario characters? the slime characters are totally unoriginal.. and the gameplay is not fun whatsoever

Well, can't move past selecting my rivals name. It dosn't have a confirm key or button so i can't really play or judge it.

Schulles responds:

Sorry, that bug should be fixed now! ;)