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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

Eh. A few novel ideas, terrible execution. The upgrade thing was soon dropped, the difficulty level is wildly erratic, and there's a lack of continuity which serves to annoy me- why for example does my character not wear all the gear he bought in the third segment?

A bit of playtesting with betas could have cleared this up. As it is, low marks.

History:You are the guard of a museum you need to defend it from a slime attack I Like the history but is pretty short (10)
Gameplay:The controls are very comfortable but enemies are on everywhere and the map is pretty short,is not bad based the gameplay from another video game (5.0)
Art:Pretty good to be based on 8-bit games (10)
total:the game has one big error the gameplay the enemies are pretty annoying and the map is pretty short.

Far to difficult, extremely frequently something kills you out of no where and without the gas mask wave 8 is impossible

would have been better, if not for the somewhat unresponsive controls. then again, maybe its the computer im using...

Just what we need ANOTHER poor ripoff of a game.

There's nothing much to say about this one. The concept is that of Mario Bros., which is as simple as simple could be.

Another issue I have; useless control scheme. Pressing 'X' to move text, you could have easily made it the jump button, but I think that would have blown your primitive mind.

The only other thing you could improve on; story. My. God. What kind of story is that?
"Oh, slimes are attacking a millionaire, and I have nobody to defend me!"
What rich guy has no bodyguards?

All in all, poor game design, poor presentation,; poor game.