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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

similar to super mario bros but a little bit harder and super mari bros is much fun (cause of the multiplayer ;P)

Definitely challenging although the challenge is derived from the limited platforming, There are only so many ways to escape an enemy. Luckily there seemed to be infinite chances at the waves. Overall the concept was nothing new but I enjoyed the graphics.

I'm glad someone else played super Mario. (The games are the same concept)

I found this game to be just cracker jack! I really loved every part of it, but the difficulty in later waves can be quite unforgiving. The poison clouds, for instance, make a lot of the first section nearly impossible. Speeding ships during space invaders require supernatural precision. The floor spikes in the running game are a death sentence. I loved it all though.

My only change would be in the running section. Perhaps holding the 'up' arrow could allow someone to hover in such a way that it mimics the other two functions. I do suppose this ratchets down the difficulty though. Forget what I said.

I want to see this bigger and longer with as many new games smashed in as you can fit. Get some crazy storyline going. Also, I loved the 8-bit "Reptillia". Throw in some more of those gems!

Schulles responds:

I am glad you liked it that much! Thank you! :)

The game is great and really hard, but HOLY SHIT, THE FUCKING GATES.