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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

I was a tad worried when there were only secret medals. Luckily, it was pretty easy to find them. I do have a lot of problems with this game. First of all, how are you supposed to jump on a slime once you've weakened it? I can't jump up that high! I must have missed something in the instructions. It actually has decent gameplay, though.

I think the best part is how good the graphics are. You get a lot of space to jump around. But again, I don't know how to play this thing well. A more experienced person will like it more. Then again, I have over three thousand game reviews, boy does that make me feel bad.

i think its pretty good but not great

would have been better, if not for the somewhat unresponsive controls. then again, maybe its the computer im using...

it reminds me of mario bros

The gameplay was great and the story was funny, but there were a few flaws that just ruined it. First, the "main menu" text at the top left corner blocks a lot of the dialogue. Second I find level seven pretty much impossible. I just can't get past the balls of gas. Fix these issues and I think the game would be about perfect.