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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

History:You are the guard of a museum you need to defend it from a slime attack I Like the history but is pretty short (10)
Gameplay:The controls are very comfortable but enemies are on everywhere and the map is pretty short,is not bad based the gameplay from another video game (5.0)
Art:Pretty good to be based on 8-bit games (10)
total:the game has one big error the gameplay the enemies are pretty annoying and the map is pretty short.

The (M)ain Menu F the instructions
check it

its ok its just a remake of mario bros but good 2.5 stars

it's not as good as I think.. The game it's a bit too hard but still funny, the ideas are original and the music is not bad. Good work mate.

I can't beat any of the levels and there is no instructions. How do you play the game???

Schulles responds:

The hell are you talking about...