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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

A decent spin on the classic Mario Bros. game

Actually it kinda felt a bit more challenging then the original to. Still I think the ideas of havig power ups were a nice little thing to have. Only got up to level 7 but I assume the backgrounds dont chage. I think that's one thing that could have been improved

Other then that I like!

I had to give it to you, a pretty fun and interesting game you have there. But the inability to press mutliple buttons at once (or the limitation of it) pretty much ruins the gameplay. A skill based game should run smoother than most of the others out there.

Decided I was frustrated when I had to play the slowest game of Space Invaders in my whole life. Decided I hate this game after having to do the escape sequence another goddamn time because the game can't deal with more than one keypress at once (using the bullet thing makes it so you can't jump).

I do like that you put stuff in from Mario and space invaders, the controls were tight the art and animation was smooth, I encountered no bugs. Although I did find it getting quite hard towards the end, also those fire balls at the last few waves of the Mario sections are a pain, I remember there were no where near as much of them and no where near as fast, also there were a set amount of fire balls which you could destroy.
I guess you are trying to vary it from the original and good job for that.
You are a talented game designer, keep up the excellent work!

This took me back to my childhood, good work, nice artwork. All my 5!