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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"


The game is very very good
Sorry for my english speak im speak spanish

Schulles responds:

Gracias! ;)

Nice game

At first it was mario bros and next it was space invaders and then i don`t know

However, I expected a better ending

I actually really enjoyed this game. I sat a played all the way through nonstop. I enjoyed basically everything about it. It was nice, it killed time, it was difficult, but, I noticed at the end of the game I can't do shit. After I beat it I didn't get my badge and if I go back to replay the game I just go to the "You Win" screen. Can you fix that? Maybe allow you to select which part of the game you'd like to play or something. Or even just start it all the way over once you beat it. Other wise it was a very nice game!

Schulles responds:

That's a good idea! :) I added that feature! ;)

-first game-
I don't quite understand how the game works. I mean, I know it plays like the Mario arcade game, but the health aspect alludes me. Why does a level reset after my health drop to one heart rather than zero, and why do I sometimes start with two? And why do I sometimes explode into blood after I hit a spiked slime from below? I know the cause of that isn't the timer running out, which, by the way, is an annoying, useless feature. What need is there for enemies to respawn at the top if you likely won't even have enough time to go after them?

-second game-
I can't remember whether this was in the original Space Invaders or not, but if it was, I find it as a fault nonetheless; I find it extremely annoying how I have to break through my own green shield thingies first before being able to easily attack the enemies. Sometimes after a level restarts, the shield and my health restart, and sometimes all the damage is carried over and I'm left with one heart. More often than enough, I restart on an older level.

-third game-
This game was just annoying. It tried to copy the great, unique mechanics of bit.Trip Runner and created many flaws of its own. Many times I died after jumping over a spike even though I clearly landed one or two tiles in front of it. Controls are annoying since bit.Trip Runner is a game where you have to think quick and be able to switch between actions quickly. This didn't work well here where you would maintain in a bullet form after pressing down to duck. This isn't much of a glitch as it is poor game design. "You win" medal didn't register after I got sent to jail, and my anger and frustration, as a result, brought what would be a 3.5 stars to 2.5.

Schulles responds:

Thanks for the review! :) I fixed the medal bug now.