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Reviews for "Mona Lisa's"

The first two games were ok but kind of frustrating. The third level was incredibly frustrating so I took a break since it said my progress would be saved. Rather than saving the last checkpoint I was at, it simply started the third game over and I just did not feel motivated to go on. You have a fun concept but the execution was poor.

the game is cool...but its too difficult the music is cool too : )

Mario ripoff shitty

I love the concept. Music is fun but maybe having more than one soundtrack would break up the monotony. I wish there was a way to earn more coins because unless you spend time collecting coins, and not killing slime before the 7th level there is no way to save up enough coins to buy upgrades. I found the levels before the 7th fairly easy however the 7th level is very hard unless you have a gasmask. Maybe when going back to the main menu you could replay other levels to get a coins or something.

P.S. I couldn't complete level 7 because I didn't have enough coins to get the mask.

Schulles responds:

Thanks! :)

Pretty Interesting game! Hope it passes judgement!