Reviews for "Up to the Roof 2"

My high score is level 6! that sucks! and its called "underground."

Did anyone complete level ten?
I wrote a map of it, but it seems to me that there is no way in doing it 'till the end.
All in all a nice puzzle game.

1 star for the idea and the scream when falling through the floor.

Nothing else was really any good. I got bored before the end of the second level and stopped.

Absolutely terrible. This is the very first review I have given No stars. Tons of bugs, terrible quality of animation, extremely simple, loads of boredom, and its basically overwhelming how simple it is.

First of all, I can easily tell this game is made with GameMaker 8, and did not require as much work as a video game on newgrounds. Stop making these types of games.

My character disappeared.