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Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

By far the best of tome. Cant wait till the next one.

Hey, this was aesome! and I love Flamy's new look, super cute!

That was awesome!!! hope theres more episodes soon :)

Dang kirb i always new animating would be my thing but i never got the inspiration though i got one or 2 good ideas in my head and i design like 10 unique charecters but i never seem to get the right inspiration untill i saw your super mario rpg flashes(both) and when i saw TOME was more than enough lets hope and sooner or later ill summit to newgrounds and any advice for the newbie in flash

As great as always Kirb! Keep up the good work and i really hope you keep Archy (i may have spelt that wring) is a permeant character!