Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

There is no dout you must continue. I enjoy these Tome episodes. I have a feeling about the little arrow kid. He just might win this! 5
Also keep Steph new hair style!

How could I give a rating below a 5 to one of Kirb's movies? Great work as usual.

Great, just... Great. So, Alpha got a girlfriend to fight by his side while Kirb has to go with disappointment, poor Kirb, i sure hope he's gonna' win that turmanent with his new companion. GO KIRB! Don't let your fans down.

5 stars cause animation good but it's unoriginal and bad jokes. Typical anime. Except it isn't anime but yea. :/

Why does everyone keep complaining about how annoying Nylocke was in this episode (and spelling his name wrong most of the time as well)? He wasn't even in this episode. At all.