Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

Flamegirls animation I personally think could use a bit of tweaking. The emotional moments are a bit much as well. Also why did you have to make nailock so annoying in this one? You should really tone him down a bit. Besides that it is a not bad series with really good animation and obviously had a lot of effort put into it. Also alpha has a tail. Was that there back in TTA?

Definetly like this episode. Strong emotion and satisfying end.

I feel that out of the recent three episodes you showed, this is the one with the most prominent flaws, particularly with how flame girl calms alpha down. She clearly is new to the power that alpha has, yet she doesn't question how she's able to calm him down. She does have the purple flames but these powers are new to her. Isn't she concerned she can do something that she never could do before? I can understand that the power has a reason to be there because as you stated in a commentary Ravenfreak inserted some sort of program in her hair, but that connection isn't made clearly enough. Maybe in a future episode show stacy...I mean Flamegirl concerned over her new powers.

I did like how the episode ended, definitely one of the strongest spectacles of the series so far. Alpha and Flamegirl don't announce their in love, they announce they're partners for the tournament and they've become closer as friends, it's much more natural that way bringing two characters together. I also like how Kirbopher accepts that Alpha has partnered up with someone else instead of him, and then shows his grumpy face when he has to partner with Archy. Showing the human side to these characters is definitely one of the highlights of the series so far.

One issue I feel I have with the series overall is the introduction of Alpha. I understand he's a shy personality and is unsure what to do about his power, but I feel we need a little more background on his psychy, just how shy and kind is alpha and maybe a little background on his first interaction with TOME. the first episode just keeps jumping to different characters and I feel because of that, his character wasn't established well. Maybe an episode focusing on a flashback would help characterize and develop him.

Can't wait for the next ep! Let the tournament begin!!!

I hope all you guys get jobs and stuff at medium sized company: that way you guys can keep going and stay in control of all your work . excellent character development , script , voice , personality . LOVE IT !

nice chris and zack refrence same with the link refrence

u need to make more because they are awesome