Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

Why does everyone keep complaining about how annoying Nylocke was in this episode (and spelling his name wrong most of the time as well)? He wasn't even in this episode. At all.

Wait... Is the item they're talking about the Drain Edge? And is Archy supposed to be Ericho from TTA?

I don't think Nylocke was in this. Anyways, the annoying one was that kid with the bow and arrows. :l He kept bothering Kirb until the end, then Kirb had to accept or probably the kid would just keep asking, and the Tournament would be even harder without a partner.


another great episode in the TOME series!

my only issue is with Flamey's fight with Alpha. you may have spent too little time showing understanding of her new power. I know you should us that he was hurt from attacking her and that she took notice of it, but I personally think there should've been a longer time spent on that fact. I'm an aspiring writer myself so I understand if you felt you spent enough time on it or if there was a time constraint and you couldn't, but maybe you could revisit it by having Alpha or Kirb ask about it(assuming Kirb got there in time to see the purple fire heal Alpha)

Also may I just say, I love how you ended this episode by getting further into Kirb's feelings of being Alpha's Bestest Friend/Rival. Honestly, it was my favorite part of the episode and I think you need more conflicting and complex emotional reactions in future episodes. They would create deeper, more complex characters that all have multiple ways for how they feel towards one person.

Keep up the fantastic work!