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Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

Absolutely fantastic. I love the shape this storyline is taking and am loving the gradual progression of a romance between Alpha and Flamegirl. I do hope Kirb is able to somehow get that Archer guy into shape though, because he seems to have his work for the gemini tournament cut out for him.

Two thumbs up, as the late Ebert would say.

Great story line, I've been watching since the first one came out. Very ./Hack, but the exposition is slowing down, while production time is great. Also, the art style is changing from the original. Which is expected, but it should be a smooth transition, it seems Flamegirl is drastically altered from the original is shading and linework. Loved the inclusion of Chris and Zack. Great stuff, just wondering if there are going to be more art changes.

you ask me if i want to continue? are you serious? of course i want to continue this epic story!

I would say that this series pulled a Sakura on my ass (with the hair and all that)... but that would be dissing Flamey because she actually DOES things! Awesome episode yet again!

Once again, another awesome episode.
Now i'm torn between which ending music i like better.
Keep these up, everyone loves these and we're all on edge to see what's next.

I applaud all of you who've put so much time and effort into these.