Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

This is one of the Freaking best series I have seen ever since Minecraft TNA. Keep makin' the Good stuff Kirb!!!!!!!!!!! And don't think I don't appreciate you guys in the music, sound effects and background departments. The battle scenes are the awesomest I have EVER SEEN .Just PLEASE KEEP MAKING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

next ep plis:D

this is one of the best series i have seen in a long time that a big producing company has made its full of action and has a odd but exciting story to it and you get to know the characters pretty fast ut they all have their own mysteries throughout the series i love it great work cant wait for the next one

its best to watch this series after a lot of them have been made, or you'll end up waiting for the next one every time

amazing as always Kirbopher! I remember the original T.O.M.E. series and I am happy to see this reboot!

Hope we can see this go further than the last series! :D