Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

Great episode as always, but with a title of INFECTuation, can we expect flamy to get a bit of the wild power in her abilities? Flamegirl was able to stop Omega and it would make sense if Alpha would be a counter to her wild side too...maybe I could call her pheonix or something

I actually wrote a really good review for this one. It was long and had quite many details on what you should keep and what I liked. But then my stupid computer just...ereased it all...and I am way too lazy to write it all again so therefore I will get it the short way.

*keep the ''next time'' thingy, hopefully for each episode.
*Flamegirl's new look was good.
*Don't fully animate the close up scenes. Make it seem like the characters are actually using the in-game emotions.
*good job on the special ending thingy.
*this is going to be the most epic series on Newgrounds when it is finished.
*I forgot what to type.
*I wish this was an actual game.
*This series has developed a lot.
*Kirb...if you stop this series, I'm gonna find you and kill you...

This was well worth the wait. Plus the "mini" episodes. Oh and the fact that this looks awesome, sounds perfect, and is a story about characters I care about certainly helps it. Keep up the awesome work Kirbopher.

YAY and that was fast it maked fast :D

whaaa it just feels like i watched the intro to kingdom hearts XD. no but seriusly i love these keep them comeing :)