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Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

You're definitely stepping your game up Kirb (and all parties involved).

- You're investing much greater care into facial animation, gestures and general minutiae that makes the characters appear far more evocative
- I love the Hellbenders reference. Not sure if you have done this since episode 1 but I've noticed you leaving little nuggets like this in your animations. Gives them character (no pun intended)
- The voice acting is improving at an exponential rate. It was never really lacking in quality, per se... But the product feels far more genuine than before. It feels like 'organic' dialogue rather than some "detached" voice that feels off-key and forced
- I see some focus was thrown on the volume levels and EQ work. For the most part, however, this leads into the only con I've to list...

- While the audio work is rather nice, there are still some "flat" spots where the music drowns out the voices (e.g. when Neomutant drops in on Flamey and Alpha) some fading beforehand for important plotline dialogue is definitely acceptable and it feels that there is a spot or two like that in the animation where this is lacking. This is especially noticed when neomutant makes his entrance and the ensuing dialogue.... His voice is a little deeper and doesn't seem to "stand out" as much as it should. The filter on Alpha's voice also makes what he says a little hard to hear unless the volume is raised considerably (which should never be a requirement for successful voice work). When alpha transforms and the music changes, lower frequencies are in abundance and makes this issue quite apparent for a short period.

This is becoming quite the promising series. Keep at it.

amazing this is why i love TOME

Wow. Beautifully written. I truly felt tears for Kirb. I hope there's a resolve for him.

Fina-fucking-ly. I've been waiting for this/
Lucky thing for me, all the games and movies ive waited for have been coming this month. And u have put yourself in the top 3.

wow, great work! this is by far an amazing series you got going here. love the mix between the the real-time and game-time *however you wana call it* splits between character interactions. smooth animation. gotta say, amazing work on this!