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Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

I've become quite attached to this series. And I'm so glad that you guys are so devoted and make new ones as often as you can; unlike SOME flash animators. You know what I think? The internet should shut up about Egoraptor and Pewdiepie, much as i love them too, and show you some appreciation. Who's with me?!

Awesome... but where is Nylock?! ..T.T i was sad to not see him in that one.

so flamy has the D bug in this one insteed of Kirb, interesting change, and a fundamental one, i was worried that TOME was going to just be a total Remake of TTA(beyond alot of minor details of course), but i guess not

Definitely one of my favorite series. An actual flash animation series is hard to come by these days. especially one with a story and everything.
keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the next episode!

P.S im likin flameys new hair do.

I always wondered what that cat thing was. Also I like how we got to see into flame girls passedits I never knew her name is Stephanie which is kind of creepy because that is the name of my mother. And does this mean that she might've been a hacker? And also how does she know that masked guy? I hope to find out in more episodes. So keep up the good work Kirbopher.