Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

I love this Ep soo! ARCHY! :s Ehmm, why Flamegirl lost her hair lol? I don't really understand this? lol , THE TOURNAMENT BEGINS O.O <3

LOVE IT! AND finally the Tournament is next!

@Informis God damn you ass-kisser, Watch it from the beginning, and also whats with you and shooting fireballs and stuffs? This is a damn Rpg cartoon so just Gtfo if you dont like it, I mean seriously what else can they do to make it better than that?! People should be happy that all these great creators actually work to make us great cartoons like these.

The entire cartoon consisted of walking around, standing around, talking , and characters shooting fireballs or something at each other while floating around in some chasm.

ay whens the 8th episode comin out! lol