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Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

The more I watch this series,the deeper in love with it I fall.At this point,I've given up looking for anything to complain about since every flash related to TOME is practically perfect.I was already holding my breath every time Alpha and Flamegirl are together,but after this I'm suffocating to see what will become of them.I know who I'll be rooting for when the tournament starts.I also wonder how Alpha and Kirbopher's relationship will turn out.And even knowing the storyline of the original series,one can only guess what the master plan of the hackers is.I'm both dreading and hailing whatever may happen next.

Dangit Kirb! You know how to throw good curve balls!

O.K I definitely remember El Mutante de Neo (aka Neomutant...see what I did there?) from TTA and other than the more mellow personality, he's no different from his TTA counterpart! And Archy seems so sweet! I can see the old Ericho from TTA in him but a lot of the newer character too. I just hope he doesn't get infected by a virus but knowing you, you may throw us in for another loop. And their voices fit perfectly since you got in these pros to guest star!

And speaking of loops, I like how much more developed Flamy and Kirb became. Heck I can tell that Flamy is bearing the purple fire this time and NOT Kirb! But I'm still wondering what secrets the swordsman seems to be keeping. I mean I noticed he'd been off since Episode 6 in not correcting Nylocke on his name right away so I wonder what you got in store for him.

And the new ending theme seems to be perfect for Alpha and Flamy, as well as her new hair!

Good luck with the Gemini Tournament Arc along with Episode 8 Kirb and the rest of the guys!

!!!!!!!!!!! good.

anyone else hear about the new virtual reality helmets their making? just saying 2020 is not that far :D

Wow, whole new steps made and all for the better. More charecter development for Kirb and Flamy, new characters and plot twists, all jammed together for this newest piece. Cudos to the new Sound effects, the background works team and to the VA team in the dialouge and the new song! Oh boy Kirbopher do you have a great team here!

My 5 stars are not for nothing!

And... is that The LivingTombstone??? When the hell did YOU start helping TTA out?!?! This is nuts! (And I still think of the show as TTA, Tome is still something I have to get used to... because for me thats when this show began :)