Reviews for "TOME Episode 07"

Digging the new credit theme alot<3
Augh poor Kirb! my feels can't take it! the arrow kid is cute, I'll enjoy getting to know more about him^^
can't wait for the next episode! this is gona be epiiiiic~

I love how the story of TOME has developed, but I was never satisfied with the Forbidden Power. In the first few episodes, everyone who got hit by it got out and ran away. On its one true rampage, random stranger comes in and lays the beatdown on him, and could toss his hacked power. Then, when he gets back for the first time after that and is worried about about it coming back, one random new person brings it back out, basically with one attack- and in the same episode, we find its bane. It never seemed really "forbidden" or particularly one-sidedly powerful to me. (If you're wondering about the 4.5, that's because TOME is awesome in general. other than the power, this episode is no exception.)

Damn that was a good episode. Seriously its almost like...NO is a anime with great devolpment I can't resist.

Wow bro, this was amazing. I really don't like anime drama that much(or any drama-.-) but its obvious you put alot of effort into this, and it shows because it looks great. Not to mention your writing skills are great for this genre. Keep up the good work man.

No nnnylocke - that's bad!
A lot of plot - that's good!
If that chapter and the one before coud be mixed it would be perfect!