Reviews for "Air Taxi Japan"

fun game almost like crazy taxi

Wow, I didn't know they already had air taxis back then.
graphics: 2 stars
music: 1.5 stars
total: 3.5 stars

I like it a lot in concept, but I do see there is a bit of work to be done still. Perhaps an Upgrade system?

Every time, the woman falls into the water and dies. EVERY TIME.
The game was fun, if a little extremely irritating. I'll give you a 2.5

I want to like this game, I really do, but it starts out the gate with a high difficulty and doesn't let up from there. In the second level, where I'm still not sure exactly what the controls do, still not entirely comfortable with the mechanics--you make me have to deal with trying to maneuver through entrances barely bigger than the "taxi". That's too steep a difficulty spike too quickly.

Why is the health meter even there? It's difficult enough to maneuver and deal with the time limit. It feels tacked on to make an already difficult game needlessly more so.