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Reviews for "Kill The Creeper"

mod09 you cant get it cuz the cake is a lie.

(I cant get it too)

this game is short :P

what medal is cake eater if i cant even get it i have all the other medals all redy

You get the cake eater achievement in either the 8th or 9th level VinnitoElito. I got it by touching it but if you are not getting it, then it could be bugged. All in all the physics of this game are pretty good, the music chosen for this game is adventurous and interesting. I hope to see the completed version of this game sometime soon. As simple as this game may be it's still challenging but not too challenging to where the player believes a level to be impossible... nice submission idaviie

Ah, its pretty enjoyable. I finished 8/10 levels.
I cannot find out how to get the cake achievement.
Clicking on the cake, as well as getting the creeper to touch the cake, does nothing.
There is more than one way to finish most levels, but not all. Physics is an important thing to comprehend to do well in this game.
All in all, this is pretty good so far, and hopefully you will release a completed version of this game sometime.

idaviie responds:

il have a look at the cake and see if theres a bug il upload a new version some time today