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Reviews for "Kill The Creeper"

All creepers hate this game but i dont :D 5/5

You should most definetly keep improving this! Maybe new skins? It doesn't have to be a creeper you know =/ It could be any mob, or if you want to add a real surprise you could even add Steve's head! Also different obstacles and new themes (Nether, End, sea, desert, etc.). You should also add some animaions, but don't overdo it =) Improve the hitboxes so that they will match the visuals. I hope this helps and the best of luck to you!

I Like This Games, Good Job Dude!

A decent idea for a game.

Pros: Level design and aesthetic. Having the level move downward so the player must anticipate is pretty neat. Also, music.

Cons: Music. It's a great track, but having it restart at every level reset and new level gets a bit irritating after a while. I also had some trouble getting clicks to register on removable objects. The pointer from the game appears to lag behind the OS pointer.

Suggestions: More levels, obviously. Perhaps a more satisfying incineration of the Creeper. Right now it's kind of bleh. Also include something to indicate the player completed a level. Nothing too overpowering because I like how simplistic the game appears.

The pointer in game could stand to look like a pickaxe :)