Reviews for "Kill The Creeper"

Darn good game!

Good game! A little bad graphics but its minecraft who cares ;).

Not perfect tough so you get 4.5 stars from me ;)

HAHAHAHA! That was funny, the part where the creeper was riding the minecart and TNT was in the way, and he ran into it then KABOOM!!!!!!!! Guts came out like on "Happy Wheels"! :D I really you should not improve the game.......*Grabs Pokemon ball* I choose you! Congrats! My total love of the game: 100% My Hate of the Game: 0% Good Game bro! I've seen "Kill The Creeper" on different websites, Maybe, the people that has the game on their website, maybe they like your game and make shore, people don't hate the game but the game was epic, I hope you make more games like minecraft, send me a friend request people that likes this. Thanks people and the owner of the game, MyLittleMinecraft.

crper go byebye

ok,fun and more fun .I think this is a fun game....