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Reviews for "Kill The Creeper"

Where are my medals??

I wish you will fix this! There are a ton of bugs!
1. When the creeper explodes on lvl 6 the game freezes.
2. Sometimes the "reset" and the "menu" bottouns are unreadable!
3. "Kill the creeper" must be "Kill a creeper's head"
4. As least it's a bit chellenging. It's enough, it saved you by the 0 stars.

idaviie responds:

i know theres bugs im trying to sort that out but its hard when i play it it seems fine but im working on them and i will resize the buttons but thanks for the info

This has bugs.

1. Beat a level and the game didn't register that I beat it. Just stayed on the same page
2. Reset button does nothing and eventually disappears.

That's all I cared to notice. I'm sure this will be more fun once it's finished.

Not a bad design, needs some more refining. Maybe two creepers at once, and a reset limit.

I LOVE THIS GAME :3 5 stares