Reviews for "Anything But Human"


I've listened to this a lot; and showed it to a few people; everyone thinks its awesome. You seriously need to go pro; i'd buy your band's album or single for sure. As a few other people have asked; tab's to this song would be awesome. I play electric guitar and have sort of got it down; but to actually know how to play it properly would be awesome. Keep on rocking :)


Do I need to say it?? lol ^.^ You wouldn't happen to have an instrumental of this song, do ya? :)

ContraBadass responds:

Hey, thanks everyone for your support. I put up another song, i hope you like it!!


Its all really good but I think your drums are a little lacking, if you were useing them to there fullest that would be an awesome song.

Kick Ass.

Awesome song dude, I would love to play it sometime, just to jam out to, so you should post the tabs that be tight. thanks
peace. and good job and good luck!!


that really sounds a bit nirvana like. i like it,.....it just rocks better then nirvana. you should really get pro.