Reviews for "Anything But Human"

The Drums

I noticed that the drums didnt sound in beat, i dunno maybe it's just bad judjement but, it just dosent sound right with the guitar.

You could prob put in acouple solo's for the drums or giutar it would probably raise your rating, other than that you should start publishing this stuff it's not half that bad

ContraBadass responds:

i never noticed anything bad about the drums...?


more more more !!! dude i just downloaded the track so you should be proud coz i'm good but harsh judjement

\m/><\m/ yeah!!

fuckin sweet!!! 10/10

I |_ 0 \/ 3 |_| GUYS!!!

this is the best newgrounds audio ever! this should get into frontbage even its not a flash!!! <3<3<3 WE WANT MORE :)

Awesome song!

One of the best songs I've heard in the audio portal. I love your band's style. 5/5 all the way. Great job!