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Reviews for "souldude"

It's boring... It reminds me of badly animated version of long pseudo-philosophical post on forums for stoners. The logic of those ideas is so incorrect in most cringe-worthy way, I really can't treat it like more then thought train of confused teenager. Also, if you think a skinny woman = "heartless bitch", your mental age drops to 12.

that was a lot of nonsense. directional's kept sticking when i'd pace back and forth. not a big deal but it was something encountered.

this logic would mean since a whale weighs more than any human therefore it must have a soul. bollocks.
at least the cupcake wasn't a lie.

besides, everyone knows gingers don't have souls and they're human(far as i know)

Good long story telling Just joking 1 star :l

This isn't really a game... it's just an interactive story with no point and some re-used jokes. Could have been okay if there was more to do than just walk through doors.

Not sure whether I should be critical about it but as it's pretty much all there is to this game: the logic is extremely flawed and full of errors. A lot of unsubstantiated claims. I know you said it was meant as a quick project for training, but still, if you choose a concept like this: do it right or don't do it at all. Just saying, I intend no offense.