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Reviews for "souldude"

This was a really unique idea for a game. Actually it's more like an infomercial on souls than a game, a venture through a world where each room just just a lesson in the human being. There are comedic elements but at the same time it's kind of a tragic concept, but still interesting to go through. There's actually a movie called '21 Grams' dealing with life and death issues, wonder if that inspired this one? I don't remember what it was about exactly but I do recall it being pretty emotional. So anyway, nice idea for an interactive conquest. The medals add a reward to the venture, too. Keep it up!


t4upl responds:

i watched 21 grams. its about how perspective of death changes the way we think and act. it's great movie but the original myth of 21 grams comes from some academic teacher who constructed a special scales attached to hospital bed. he then put people in terminal state on that bed-scale and waited for them to die. on average people loss 21 grams at the moment of death. you can probably read more about this on wikipedia.

thank you for your review. it really did lift my spirit as i had mixed feelings about the outcome.

i tyed to go back a room and he gliched

I really enjoyed your game..

I was looking for a game just like this, a nice casual play with some funny humor.

As you stated, this was just a game to practice your flash skills, so viewing it in that light through the game made some of the less-awesome parts of it more understandable. All in all this is a pretty fun little game, I probably won't play through it again because I think I've ridden all the rides on this one.

I would like to see more stuff to do in your next game, going to the right and pressing up over and over wasn't as enthralling by the 20th room or so, but by then I was sucked into your thought process about souls and had even forgot it was a game.

Ya did a fairly good job all in all, but next time increase the fun level by adding in more things for the player to interact with. You're awesome tho, Like Mr. Takayashi.

t4upl responds:

thank you that you took into consideration that it was for training. i am aware that it is play-it-once "game". when i think of it it could have been more interacitve. the whole idea behind door icon was that "I am too bored for toady to keep on reading this".

next game will be actual game so watch out for it.

Give the spelling a better check, and you've got a nice thought-inducer here.

21 grams? is that a gantz reference? anyway its interesting but not a game id play again.