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Reviews for "souldude"

It's totally cute! I love that little blue soul with big eyes :3

And a cupcake... Yay!

This is a great game and I think I figured it all out.

Going by this game's logic the soul is in the eyeball and is independant of mass.
Therefor anything and everything with eyes has a soul.

Cats then have a soul as does people but not bannanas.


t4upl responds:

let me f*** with your mind:
- what about people who have lost their eyes as a result of accident? are they soulless?
- if ginger kids don't have soul why do they ahve eyes.

glad you enjoyed it.

Yay, finally got to play it--! (:
My fav part is when the little soul climbed onto the scale and weighted itself.

I really love how simple this game works, but really got you thinking during and after the whole game. (On a side not: I wonder what Claire is...) Wonderful work once again!

i tyed to go back a room and he gliched

I really enjoyed your game..

I was looking for a game just like this, a nice casual play with some funny humor.

As you stated, this was just a game to practice your flash skills, so viewing it in that light through the game made some of the less-awesome parts of it more understandable. All in all this is a pretty fun little game, I probably won't play through it again because I think I've ridden all the rides on this one.

I would like to see more stuff to do in your next game, going to the right and pressing up over and over wasn't as enthralling by the 20th room or so, but by then I was sucked into your thought process about souls and had even forgot it was a game.

Ya did a fairly good job all in all, but next time increase the fun level by adding in more things for the player to interact with. You're awesome tho, Like Mr. Takayashi.

t4upl responds:

thank you that you took into consideration that it was for training. i am aware that it is play-it-once "game". when i think of it it could have been more interacitve. the whole idea behind door icon was that "I am too bored for toady to keep on reading this".

next game will be actual game so watch out for it.