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Reviews for "souldude"

This isn't really a game... it's just an interactive story with no point and some re-used jokes. Could have been okay if there was more to do than just walk through doors.

On the death scene, you need to correct "Chirs" Angel to Chris Angel.
In the weighing room you misspelled measure. In the scene after the banana, you misspelled genetic.

As for the gameplay itself, very simple, easy medals, not too bad of a storyline, at last up until the banana bit. After the bacteria, I honestly quit reading much.

Interesting concept, but it doesn't hold up my interests enough to feel encouraged to continue.

It lacked of a good punchline and humor the majority would understand. Not to mention, the whole soul theory feels out of place. It seems like it was a lesson for no brainers. There hasn't been put a lot of effort into the whole story technique either, which was pretty much the core mechanics of the game. Unfortunately it turned out quite boring.

Either way, next time you try this again, then add a dash of humor and try to work on the story so it makes sense.

2 stars for some interesting mechanics, but unfortunately clumsy designs.

It's boring... It reminds me of badly animated version of long pseudo-philosophical post on forums for stoners. The logic of those ideas is so incorrect in most cringe-worthy way, I really can't treat it like more then thought train of confused teenager. Also, if you think a skinny woman = "heartless bitch", your mental age drops to 12.

not interested, nice theory but you need make at least different way to let gamer get into it