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Reviews for "souldude"

I really enjoyed your game..

I was looking for a game just like this, a nice casual play with some funny humor.

As you stated, this was just a game to practice your flash skills, so viewing it in that light through the game made some of the less-awesome parts of it more understandable. All in all this is a pretty fun little game, I probably won't play through it again because I think I've ridden all the rides on this one.

I would like to see more stuff to do in your next game, going to the right and pressing up over and over wasn't as enthralling by the 20th room or so, but by then I was sucked into your thought process about souls and had even forgot it was a game.

Ya did a fairly good job all in all, but next time increase the fun level by adding in more things for the player to interact with. You're awesome tho, Like Mr. Takayashi.

t4upl responds:

thank you that you took into consideration that it was for training. i am aware that it is play-it-once "game". when i think of it it could have been more interacitve. the whole idea behind door icon was that "I am too bored for toady to keep on reading this".

next game will be actual game so watch out for it.

that was a lot of nonsense. directional's kept sticking when i'd pace back and forth. not a big deal but it was something encountered.

this logic would mean since a whale weighs more than any human therefore it must have a soul. bollocks.
at least the cupcake wasn't a lie.

besides, everyone knows gingers don't have souls and they're human(far as i know)

That was terrible. Bad graphics, bad...was that music in the background? All you do is read the screen, press right, then press up. Repeat that sequence several times and...end of the game? Really?! Great concept about the soul, but it was almost irrelevant to the game. If this was an interactive movie, maybe it would have been more entertaining, but it was labeled as a "game" so I was expecting to be playing a game.

Interesting "game" but it still had many glitches and bugs within it i.e. getting stuck if you changed directions of walking occasionally. Music is lacking if you can call it "music" to begin with, and lastly graphics were terrible. The only REASON I give even half a star is because you had an interesting idea about souls.
.5 out of 5

i tyed to go back a room and he gliched