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Reviews for "souldude"

It feels like I'm trapped inside a slide presentation forever

Not sure whether I should be critical about it but as it's pretty much all there is to this game: the logic is extremely flawed and full of errors. A lot of unsubstantiated claims. I know you said it was meant as a quick project for training, but still, if you choose a concept like this: do it right or don't do it at all. Just saying, I intend no offense.

I thought that this game was extremely clever. The graphics weren't so great... but very very clever. I loved it.

Yay, finally got to play it--! (:
My fav part is when the little soul climbed onto the scale and weighted itself.

I really love how simple this game works, but really got you thinking during and after the whole game. (On a side not: I wonder what Claire is...) Wonderful work once again!

This is a great game and I think I figured it all out.

Going by this game's logic the soul is in the eyeball and is independant of mass.
Therefor anything and everything with eyes has a soul.

Cats then have a soul as does people but not bannanas.


t4upl responds:

let me f*** with your mind:
- what about people who have lost their eyes as a result of accident? are they soulless?
- if ginger kids don't have soul why do they ahve eyes.

glad you enjoyed it.