Reviews for "Fury of Frostbite"

I enjoy this game. I like the fact that the story is actually told with (almost) every achievement you get and also that, to get every achievement, you need to stop spamming (something I did the first time before actually realised that you give us medals for accurancy and hit rate). Now, there are some things that just doesn't do it for me:

-Repetitive. This game is way more repetitive than i'd like it to be. To just fly around and face the same enemies over and over again...
-Bad graphics. I know this game is aimed to be simple, but at least you could have made something a little bit more appealing. This looks like a bad game (controls are fast, but they need to be responsive).
-Clever use of the medals, but the game doesn't have other objective. I mean, without the medals this is simply another lovely side scroller shooting game that was half baked. People that doesn't have a NG account won't actually care about this game.
-Music is repetitive. I mean, this is just a track but with the same mechanics, background, enemies at least you could have used some two or three tracks.

Overall, I like it. You gave us a purpose because of the medals (and that shows something that actually not a lot of people have though about before). Not a bad game, not a good one, but clever. Please, make another one, would like to see what you'd make in the future.

add some different enemies, make them stronger as u keep going and add upgrades to the characters fire, then it would be even better but not bad by any means as is

I don't really like the prospect of endless shooters, especially when there's a story involved, since it gives you a goal you can never really reach. The gameplay's a bit monotone compared to your newer games too, with no power-ups, or bosses, or progressive difficulty, it just goes on and on and on, and until you choose to or get lazy it's pretty much impossible to die. The largest medals however, are at a risk of taking so long to gain the API connection times out before you reach them, in which case I suppose they won't unlock, which is a shame if you spend that much time getting there. As for the secrets, not sure when you get them? Seems there's a pattern there? Based on distance... maybe? Anyway, it's a good shooter, but could use some work. Keep it going!


it works but its not fun

I gave up after 10 minutes of doing the same thing over and over again. You need some variety in this game.