Reviews for "Fury of Frostbite"

Too repetitive, too hard to die, too simple, too easy, the only music is before you are playing the game, no pause button, okay, the list goes on and on and on and on... strangers... waiting.... up and down the boulevaaa---aaarrdd... she took the midnight train ride going- oh, where was I? I got so bored.... Oh yeah, this game sucks. I say, ditto to gdrocker. You tried, and the short music was okay, so I'm giving you one star.


MiscritsQuest responds:


Hardly worth my time. If it wasn't for the medals, I wouldn't have played this game whatsoever... and even then, I stopped playing once my score hit 150,000. Why that seemingly arbitrary number? Well, given that a kill is 100 points and you randomly get a thousand-point boost between every thirty or forty kills, I figured that score would be high enough to ensure I get at least the 'get 1000 kills' medal, whatever it's called... uh, "Frostbite's Something-Or-Other"...

...and I mean, it worked! I'm missing a total of seven medals, and five of them are secret medals. Do I know how much they're worth? No. Do I know how to get them? Hell no. Are they worth my time? Gee, take a wild guess... but no, seriously, all you ever have to do is hang around the back of the screen, hold Space and alternate between the Up and Down arrow keys every half-second or so. There's no challenge. In fact, the only thing you have to put effort into while playing this game is dying. I went to the bathroom, sat down, did part of a sudoku puzzle, washed my hands--took three minutes of sitting in the exact center of the screen, and I was still alive when I came back.

I'm not going to make snide comments about how you're seemingly obsessed with the Crimson Balrog from 'MapleStory' and how every game I see you've made contains its sprites in one form or another because... honestly, I've been playing MapleStory since September '05. I like the game, its characters are mildly engaging and the enemies are decently designed from area to area. Instead, I'm going to comment on how you ripped an element out of that game and put it into this... monstrosity (I don't even think it's fair to call it a game if there's no difficulty scaling whatsoever) that looks like there was as much time put into it as you would spend cooking a store-bought frozen waffle in the toaster. I played your game; I got the medals; the achievement whore in me is satisfied... I'm done here.

Oh, and for anyone else wishing to sate their inner achievement whore, just do what I did--play to 150,000 points (takes about ten minutes tops), then kamikaze; that's all you really need... but if you want to get the accuracy-based medals (i.e.: "Frostbite's OCD"), just shoot one enemy one time and then kamikaze... or if you want to be daring, just aim carefully and shoot about five enemies before running into five more, and boom--that's eight medals right there. If you've already gotten the 'watch the opening clip' and 'visit my page' medals before that, you're already about 30% done.

There needs to be a progressive challenge, and levels

Not a game I would play twice. The sprites seemed chunky, and some of them had white lines. The game was also really really repetitive.