Reviews for "Waluigi's Mansion"

Freakin Brilliant Brother
You Have Quite some talent
I like BEWBS

nobody can replace weegee...also, there should be more games with weegee as the main-character...

Haha, so that's all that happens? strange how a single impression like this can be so comical. Smooth animation, great voicing and the plot err... pun (?) was just genius. Keep it going!


I honestly couldn't stop laughing, the camera zooming in on his face was just hilarious, total high light of the sketch.

I like how you made E.Gadd sound a bit like Rick Moranis' character from Ghostbusters a bit.

Needless to say I notice Luigi's mansion parodies are getting more popular these days and this is also one of the more funny ones too. That said good work I got a good laugh out of it :)

ArinsMind responds:

Golly! Thanks :] I love the games and just had to do one before they got too cliche.