Reviews for "Atomic"

I like it. This is one of those kinds of simple games that don't need additional features. In fact, adding more stuff would probably detract from my enjoyment. That said, it is still just a simple game, nothing too exciting, and very short. Two and a half stars to you, good sir!

I don't get what this game is supposed to be. There's the presumption you are supposed to be dodging bullets, but even if they were much slower, so that it might be possible, you can only move parallel to their paths, not out of them.

It's essentially random how long you survive. The only skill is successfully collecting squares, which seems like it should be a secondary activity when someone is shooting at you.

An interesting concept, but the game feels...I don't know...fake. Like it is pretending to be another type of game and hoping you don't notice you aren't in control.

I dont get it. But it seems fun.

Rather skill-less, as most of the shots come out too fast for the player to change the outcome much with the simple expansion/contraction of the radius. That, combined with how frequently the attack pattern changes means there's no ability to predict the shots either. The game would have easily benefited from something as simple as the ability to change direction, or even the ability to increase/decrease speed.

it got kinda boring after awile. =T