Reviews for "Atomic"

How exactly does avoiding bullets work when i have no real control over the dot.....

Nice retro-style-game. A bit control really could've helped, like for example being able to switch the circles radius to the dotted lines instead of just randomly expanding/shrinking it just hoping to hit those squares inthe middle. it also would've been nice if the game had explained that the only accessible control was "Expand the circles radius by pressing the spacebar, and shrink it by letting the spacebar go"

I knocked off 2 stars because controls are annoying and player skill doesn't help avoiding certain patterns.

The game in general is good, is adictive, but te fact of only control the radius make the efect of survive more a fact of luck then skill making the game quickly repetitive

Ok game but I didn't read the author comment on how to play and started pressing random keys until I had a reaction. Games usually tell how to play in the beginning but since it's in the comment that excusable. Though it doesn't seem that hitting the circles have any real consequence and I didn't see a life count and didn't think it had a consequence until level 32 where I died music is good by the way.